Spoon Bending Video

Posted by: Tom Deighton [click on Spoon Bending at top of web page for latest class schedule]

Here’s an impromptu spoon bending session by Ron Nagy at The Knickerbocker in Linesville.

Peg and I persuaded Ron to bend some spoons for us and I had my camera handy, so I made the most of it. I’m sure you’ll be more than impressed by my video editing (lol)

I had heard Ron did this Spoon Bending thing, it was all new to me at the time. I wanted to see him do it but I kept missing out on it. I had seen spoons he bent at The Knickerbocker because he had gifted them to Peg and they were on display on the first floor. Those spoons looked like they had been in a blender or a Tornado or something.

On this particular afternoon Ron had just driven in from Lily Dale and Peg and I were chatting with him at the coffee bar. I brought up the subject of Spoon Bending and after a little conversation Ron said he would give it a go. My understanding is the spoon bender must be in a reasonably relaxed state of mine and have the energy and concentration to successfully do the bending. Anyway, Ron said he would give it a go, I grabbed my camera and we off the to races. The video below is the result. At the very end I pan the camera to Peg and she makes a statement. Unrehearsed, she is soooo cool!

Here are the spoons Ron bend at The Knickerbocker, then gifted them to Peg Knickerbocker.

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Social and Religious Vagaries of Western New York

the New-York Herald, June 16, 1869:

We published yesterday, from our special correspondent, a full account of the twenty-first anniversary of the “Friends of Human Progress,” at Waterloo, Seneca county, New York.  The platform of these people is expressed in the title they give themselves—the friends of human progress—and no one can complain that it is not comprehensive or broad enough.  In fact, it is too broad to be specific and comprehensive enough to embrace all the isms of the day.

The “Friends of Human Progress” do not appear to have any particular organization for social, communist, or co-operative purposes as regards labor or property, but seem to be idealists only, composed of men and women of various opinions and isms, who meet together periodically to ventilate their theories.

Social and Religious Vagaries of Western New York

On this occasion there were about one hundred and fifty, white, black and gray, and of both sexes.  Some of the names are familiar as connected with abolitionism in times past, with the women’s rights movements, with Spiritualism, and with other vagaries, and conspicuously among them was that of Fred Douglass.  There was a great deal of flowery talk about progress, humanity, a new age, and a new philosophy and religion, but no ideas or definite object. Continue Reading “Social and Religious Vagaries of Western New York”