Mrs. Matteson–Psychic Clairvoyant Remedies

Mrs. Matteson—Psychic Clairvoyant RemediesMatteson advertisment
Recently Vincent Martonis, Hanover Historian visited our museum and donated three medicine bottles from Mrs. Matteson and her daughter Mrs. Nellie Whitcom.
Mrs. Matteson had a summer residence here at Lily Dale at the corner of Cleveland and Marion Streets, #16—currently owned by B. Anne Gehman. Mrs. Matteson resided there in the 1890’s. I was aware of this but not knowing how prominent a woman she was I did some research and found a lot of information about her. I found an obituary that follows that tells more about her life. Much more has been discovered about her life although with space permitting I only entered the highlights.

“The Illustrated Buffalo Express” [Buffalo, Erie Co., NY], Nov 1913 [no dateline], p. 10:

A good woman has passed away; a woman whose life was filled with meritorious deeds and a woman who has left a large circle of friends and acquaintances to bless her name and memory. For 40 years Mrs. Matteson was a clairvoyant doctor. Thousands and tens of thousands of people gladly bore witness to her healing and curing powers, which she exercised unselfishly and effectively until her last sickness.

Mrs. Matteson had a character distinctly her own. She was as honest as she was modest, and as industrious as she was generous. None could be so poor or humble or misunderstood as to be denied her friendship and help. Self-reliant to a marked degree, she over came the limitations of her early life and surroundings, making herself one of the most influential women of her generation. Absolutely sincere in her religion, she has done more than any other person hereabouts to promote the cause of Spiritualism. As a Spiritualist she had a national and international reputation. As a woman she was an example and a glory to her church. Wherever she was known, her genuine and beautiful life has been a matter of common report. Above everything else, she was a true wife and a devoted mother.

Mrs. Matteson’s death, due to a nervous breakdown and general decline, occurred at the family home, No. 248 North Division street, on October 11th..

Mrs. Matteson’s maiden name was Antoinette Wealthy. She was born at Baden, Germany, in 1847. Her parents came to this country when she was only five years old, locating at Eden N. Y., where they lived until they removed to Buffalo five years later.

In 1864 Miss Wealthy married Judah H. Matteson and began housekeeping in Brant. In 1876 Mr. and Mrs. Matteson took up their home at Dunkirk and after living there two years returned to Buffalo in 1877, where she lived until her death. Mr. and Mrs. Matteson had six children, Nellie Whitcomb McCrudden, Martha F. Caul, George W., Mary Wetherall Shearon, Albert Thomas and Nettie E. White. The first four surviving. Mr. Matteson died in 1884.

Mrs. Matteson was a member of the First Spiritual church of East Aurora, a member of the Protective Home Circle and a life member of the New York State Association of Spiritualists.

M. E. Caldwallder also printed an obit in the “Progressive Thinker”. Following is portions of that obit.
Mrs. Matteson was well known at Lily Dale, and whenever her name is mentioned there is always someone to tell of the kindness of heart and of her benevolence. The herbal remedies are still dispensed to those who need them and are carefully prepared as carefully as ever on the market for the past 65 years.
Mrs. Nellie Whitcomb is a devoted Spiritualist. To her, the memory of her loved mother, Mrs. Matteson, is like a beacon light showing the way to do good for others. Each summer Mrs. Witcomb sends a profusion of flowers to beautify the auditorium at Lily Dale in memory of her mother, and has also had a pergola [arbor] erected in Melrose Park.
At the time Mrs. Matteson was carrying on her work of healing by spirit power, and herbs advised by her Indian doctor, it took courage to carry on the work, so little was known then of the power to heal through mediums.

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