Pet Cemetery & Ice Farming

“The Cassadagan” was a monthly magazine printed from Meadville, Pa. and was devoted to the interest of Spiritualism in America. A special section called Lily Dale Happenings stated in the March 1900 edition: We were reminded of the old superstition of the unfortunate 13, by the accident on the Lake on the 13th of February. The icemen were scraping snow and water from the ice when it broke and a beautiful span of horses went down to their death. They could have been rescued but for a heavy iron scraper that held them down.

How often we view similar conditions in the lives of human beings, harnessed to clops and drags, fettered by ball and chain, to unfortunate conditions, and at last destroy. Many a lunatic and suicide are examples of this fact.

The previous two paragraphs are where written history ends and the beginning of the Cemetery starts. The written statement in “The Cassadagan” is straight fact. Maybe, or most likely in my opinion all series of events surrounding the drowning were omitted or possibly taken for granted. What is done with a double horse drowning? What was the mindset of the “Victorian” workmen?

When history stops, lore & legend must be considered. For over 100 years from generation to generation our fathers, grand and great grand fathers have told the story of the Pet Cemetery. The first story is the horse or both horses are buried at the far end of the Leolyn Woods-this was the beginning of The Pet Cemetery. The second story is the last workhorse that was used by the Assembly maintenance “Boys” was retired and became like a pet for the children who lived on the grounds.

When that horse passed away, out of respect it was buried in the far end of the woods. This grave was marked with stones. The horse had a name-or was called by various people several names. The sign placed at the grave recently so lovingly displayed gives the name as Hoppi[sic]. I found an old maintenance photo with the name Lakewood Prince printed on it. No story or remembered legend contains the same lore. What we do know is a Horse was buried in the Cemetery a long time ago.

As Spiritualists we love all life-especially our beloved pets-our loyal furry best friends. Whether they be cats, dogs, birds or horses etc. we honor and cherish their lives and Spirit existence. May God Bless and watch over their place of final resting and peace. Lily Dale has made a place for our pet friends-and Bless those people who take care of the area and partake in the yearly Blessing Ceremony.


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