Victorian Pocket Tax ?

The Cassadagan, April 1900

Annual Meeting of Directors:

A resolution was passed taxing Horses, Cows and Pigs $5.00 per annum: Cats and Dogs $1.00 each and Chickens $.10 cents each. This tax will be collected the first of May each year.

This “tax” seemed common across the Country as a means of making extra money at the end of the late Victorian 1800’s. In some places this was referred to as a “pocket tax”. [I leave the word to be interpreted by the reader]

The Sunflower April 25, 1903 [A Lily Dale newspaper printed here on South Street] Stated: One of the reforms inaugurated by the new management is to take away all the little sheds & shanties that have been used for storage purposes, on the East part of the grounds and prepare the ground for a row of nice Cottages on that Street. This is quite a venture and it is hoped-for it will make a decided improvement. Also: J.F. Witheral has been taking out a number of stumps near the Turner Barn at the head of South Street which is a decided improvement and J.H Champlin [contractor of the Auditorium] has arranged to build him a new Barn on the hill just across the Railroad Track. [Frisbee Road]

Abby Louise Pettingill was elected President of the Board and had controlling interest in the Assembly by 1903. The East end of every Street was being used for sheds, the raising of Livestock and generally a place for the “save it” items. East Street must have been quite an Eyesore and Abby Louise had a vision of beauty and order. This was a major change and I’m sure much tact, diplomacy and negotiations had to be used for the completion of this project. Abby would finally make a through Street for the Eastern end of the grounds without the “junk” and the adverse odors.

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