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Precipitated Spirit Painting Article by Ron Nagy
Precipitated Spirit Painting Article by Ron Nagy

Precipitated Spirit Paintings are works of art produced through the mediumship of the Bangs sisters or Campbell brothers in the years from 1894 to about 1911 during séances in the light. No human hand was used—the entire process was by spirit communication. An iridologist examined the eyes of several of these, one of which was a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln.

The method of reception was much the same as the Bangs sisters’, except that the canvas was placed on a table, the paints placed in a receptacle beneath the table, then the table was covered with black cloth to eliminate the light, leaving the frame and canvas alone exposed.

The Campbell brothers sat with the sitters around the table with hands on the table to produce a concentrated battery. The picture was then precipitated in full view of the sitters.

The picture of Lincoln has been often copied and is considered a remarkable likeness of the great emancipator whose Spiritual development is a marked feature in this picture.

Facial Diagnosis:

Lines on forehead might indicate a circulatory system problem. This man has many vertical lines at the bridge of his nose. This is considered a liver sign, could indicate an angry person. The liver holds the emotion of anger. The horizontal lines at the bridge of the nose indicate an insufficiency with the pancreas, sugar metabolism. Dark coloring in the corner of the eye indicates spleen insufficiency (possibly anemic).

When looking close-up of the left eye I find it really interesting. I am unable to see fiber line in the Iris which are characteristic of a blue Iris, but I see markings that look like a tremendous amount of stress lines running through the back, kidney, spleen, front ribs and lungs. This eye has a very thick scurf rim incasing the Iris. A blue hue in the sclera (the white of the eye) would indicate mineral insufficiency (probably iron)

It is difficult to see any marking in the right eye. A light discoloration, hyperactivity, or inflammation or acidic area showing through the kidney, pelvis and into the back (it might be nothing, it is very difficult to make out)(kidneys are part of our filtration system). I think I can see a dark line running through the lung-area – low energy to this organ.

At the time of the investigation, Anna Marie did not know that it was Lincoln’s eyes that she was examining. She only received a blown-up digital photo of a set of eyes that barely showed any part of the face; certainly not enough to know it was President Lincoln.

After further research on Lincoln, I found a book by Webb Garrison called “The Lincoln No One Knows” (1993) Rutledge Press. In this book, Garrison describes the president’s health conditions. He stated that a decade before becoming president he took “blue mass” to combat melancholia, a form of depression. It was a common medication made from mercury, licorice root, honey, sugar and dry rose petals. Two blue mass pills contained forty times as much as the current safe limit set by the National Institute for Occupational Health. During the 1850’s, Lincoln suffered from insomnia, forgetfulness, hand tremors and bizarre outbursts of rage. These are symptoms consistent with mercury poisoning. Five months into the presidency, Lincoln stopped taking the pills because they made him “cross”.

These findings concerning Lincoln’s health condition match the diagnosis of Anna Marie Warringer. This is a proof that the painting of Abraham Lincoln by the Campbell brothers is genuine spirit phenomena. There is no way that the two brothers could have known enough about Iridology and the health of Abe Lincoln to paint the eyes so that these details wouldn’t be overlooked. It is also important to note that there weren’t any brush strokes and it would have been impossible to paint such fine and accurate details without making mistakes.

This painting of Lincoln was done in public, in the light, and took less than an hour to materialize. The Campbell brothers never touched the canvas and the paints were even under the table. The entire audience watched as this painting appeared. Because there were so many witnesses, there are no brush strokes, and the Iridology report matches the actual health condition, it is a wonder that there are so many skeptics to this phenomena.

Ron Nagy

Precipitated Spirit Painting

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