Time Warp

On the evening of Nov. 18, 1986 an occurrence happened in Eastern Pennsylvania at a Security Facility. This is the first time I mentioned this in public because of the adverse publicity this could cause the facility I was employed by and myself.

A co-worker and myself were working the 2nd shift stationed at the outside security building-this was a windy, rainy night with some distant heat lightning. Al my co-worker and I were having a metaphysical discussion about reincarnation and karma. We were facing each other about 6 ft. apart. A light bulb to the right of me on the wall of the inside of the building suddenly grew dim, made a cracking sound then went out and the room dimmed-the building shook. I heard a loud cracking sound in my face and head. There was a strange pungent sulfur smell in the air. Both of us felt disoriented.

I made a phone call to the main command center 300 yards away and underground. The officer in charge asked what is going on out there-the county emergency center had just called and asked if we needed any emergency vehicles. The boom and explosion sound was so strong and bright they were worried about us-an outpost.

My inside command center officer told my co-worker and I he needed “paperwork” an incident report. How do you write a report about something you cannot explain or in actuality did not witness but did experience. [Later I found out all the paper work and records for that time period were somehow “misplaced”] Two trained observers left dumbfounded and disoriented.

An officer stationed about 100 yards away in a colonial, stone, well constructed farm building made the following statement to me the following day. He states: A streak of lightning went past the security building on the west side. It appeared to miss the building. The area lit up a brilliant radiant white blinding out the entire area, then turned a mellow orange and returned to normal.

As this was happening I was knocked off my chair and to the floor by the sudden shock. The area shook as though an earthquake had occurred. I am retired from the U.S. Army 30 years in the radar field. The only other time I experienced such a blinding radiant light was during a military nuclear test.

The next day he checked the security building and area and found no apparent damage or signs of burn marks etc. He said he has gone through many electrical storms but none like this one. The farmhouse lost power temporarily, and then had a temporary surge of power before returning to Normal. The only reasonable explanation I have is: sometimes during a storm of this intensity, an electromagnetic field is formed in the middle-which we were apparently in—and saved us.

He goes on to state: I absolutely do no believe in U.F.O.’s or anything paranormal.

After the “occurrence” both Al and I had a change in personality. Al said he has become more aware of people and events-feels more spiritual and picks up more vibrations from his surroundings. We lost touch with each other less than 6 months later.

I also became more psychic and aware although I began to suffer from a multitude of medical symptoms and conditions. I started sessions with a naturopathic physician who used hypnotism. After several sessions the Dr. felt I was ready for deeper hypnotism.  He took me under as deep as possible and to the November 18, 1986 date and time. I was in a lot of pain-he could see that in my face and features. I could not recall anything. The Dr. said I was being blocked by something very powerful and I would remember someday when I am supposed to know what.

Many months later the following thoughts occurred to me:

Sulfur is not smelled when a light bulb burns out. A light bulb gets brighter first, and then burns out. Lightning strikes down-does not strike horizontally. Thunder rolls and bangs, was this actually lightning?  We did not fall on the floor and did not see light through closed eyelids. What caused my consciousness, health and psychic facilities to increase?

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