The Spirits of Lily Dale–Review 1

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This review is from: The Spirits of Lily Dale (Paperback)

Ron Nagy’s The Spirits of Lily Dale captures the mood and exuberancy of the heyday of Spiritualism and “The World’s Largest Community of Spiritualism, Lily Dale, NY.” The reader experiences a first hand account of what life was like back then through the clever narrative device of excerpts from popular publications such as the Banner of Light and the Sunflower! Excerpts from these publications make you feel that you are back in time experiencing the vibrancy of Spiritualism and Lily Dale at its peak. You feel you know some of the major founders and free thinkers of the day! The photos take you back in time and you get an overall feel of the climate of the nation and the events that led up to the formation of Cassadaga Lake Free Thinkers Association and ultimately to Lily Dale “The Worlds Largest Community for the Religion of Spiritualism”. As a resident of Lily Dale it takes me back to what the Dale represented yet also has me looking forward with optimism about the future of such an important spiritual community.
I can feel the Spirits of Lily Dale when I walk the grounds now.
Highly Recommend! Thank you Ron for your dedication to preserving the history and spirits of Lily Dale!

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