Azur (The Helper)

It is in regard to this guide, Azur (the helper) the well-known guide of A. Campbell, that we, the undersigned, do approve of this article and append our names to it.

Azur (the helper), as he is often known, has been the principal guide of A. Campbell since his development as a medium until the present day. About six years ago the Campbell Brothers were fortunate enough to receive a portrait of him through their own mediumship. Their work has progressed and has become what is now termed the finest art. It has long been their wish to receive another portrait of him, which Azur promised to give. He directed them to procure a canvas 40×60 inches, and appointed the evening of June 15,1898, for the sitting. We, the undersigned, were invited and attended the séance for the production of the portrait. On the evening mentioned we met at the cottage of the Campbell brothers on the hill and proceeded to their Egyptian séance room. Across the bay window at the end of the room was a large silk curtain, where stood a small table and the canvas, 40×60. Each one in turn went up to the canvas and magnetized it by passing his hands over the surface. We then place whatever marks we pleased on the back, some placing names, some numbers, some marks to suit their fancy. Mr. A. Campbell then invited one of the circle present to sit with him in the impromptu cabinet and the silken curtain enclosing them; each member in turn sat within the cabinet with Mr. Campbell. Each time the curtain was withdrawn we saw the partly finished picture of Azur. During the entire séance there was light enough for us to see everything perfectly and note the gradual growth of the painting on the canvas. Mr. A. Campbell was entranced and Azur, using his organism, gave us some very beautiful words of welcome and lessons of a higher order. He spoke of the stars and their significance, which we fully understood afterwards.

After some music some additional lights were brought, the curtain withdrawn and lo! The picture was complete. It presented Azur with arms uplifted as in the act of speaking and fully life size. While we were admiring it, there came at the back of the head a six-pointed star, which is now distinctly seen.

We believe this to be the finest production the Campbell brothers have ever received, taking size and quality of work into consideration. Those who in the past who have been fortunate enough to receive portraits of their dear relatives or friends, can well imagine the pleasure it gave these mediums to receive this portrait of their loved Guide. We were much pleased to witness this marvelous production. Words cannot describe this work of art; so the Campbell brothers are having photogravures (cabinet size and 8×10 inches) made, with remarks from Azur printed on the back, and will place the same on sale at reasonable prices. Everyone interested in Occultism should avail themselves of the opportunity to get one. These pictures are protected by copyrights. The time of sitting was one hour and thirty minutes, and the figure is three-quarters size, reaching to the knees, but full life size.

The Campbell brothers have just moved into their new cottage at the entrance to the grounds, Lily Dale, N. Y., where they have fitted up large and comfortable séance rooms, also an artistic gallery for the exhibit of their Spirit Portraits. It will be free to visitors during certain hours of the day, and the portrait of Azur will also be on exhibit there.

Precipitated Spirit Painting of Azur the Helper
Precipitated Spirit Painting of Azur the Helper

We the undersigned were present at the production of the above portrait and are pleased to affix our signatures:

Emma Prendergast

Abby L. Pettengill

Helen M. Sage

Sidney Kelsey

F. Gorden White

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