Ron 2015Ron Nagy’s keen interest in Precipitated Spirit Painting has gained him the honor of being considered the United States’ leading authority in the field. He also serves as a History Tour Guide, & Ghost Walk Commentator for the Lily Dale Assembly, where many of the Precipitated Spirit Paintings are located. Ron is Lily Dale’s Historian, Museum Curator, Lecturer, a published author of Spiritualist History, Spirit Painting and Slate Writing subjects along with being a part time Paranormal Investigator.

Ron holds a yearly Spoon Bending class at Lily Dale along with classes in the North East United States.  Born in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Ron attended Western Kentucky University and later joined the Air Force. After working many years as a Correctional Officer Ron had a “Spiritual Awakening” and relocated to Lily Dale, NY–the Spiritualist Assembly and Village in Western New York. Recently he has been a contributor to the National Spiritualist Summit, ‘The Spiritist and numerous New Age Publications. Ron’s three books include Precipitated Spirit Paintings, Slate Writing: Invisible Intelligence , and  The Spirits of Lily Dale.  All by Galde Press, Lakewood, Minnesota.

Ron’s latest book, Stones for Sanity: prison humor from an old jail guard is a short memoir of his days as a prison guard and can be obtained through Amazon books at  http://stones-for-sanity.ronnagy.net/


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  1. Hi Ron
    I came across you while researching a pair of pastels I have after someone from Bard, Susan Aberth, told me these could be spiritualist paintings and told me about Lily Dale. I know they are special and have always felt a presence with them so you can imagine how I felt after hearing her comments. I would love to send you a photo and get your take on them. Would that be possible? Thanks!

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