School House

A new School District has been granted to us recently and in the near future we hope to have a School that will do credit to the cause of truth and progress. The District was designated as Pomfret #6 [BOL Aug 3, 1889]

The expansion project-the purchase of the Patterson tract of land contained approx. 15 acres of land and the Association paid $2550.00. Again lots were chained and marked, Streets were laid out and the usual scramble for the best lot leases started. Lot #16 & #18 on Library Street were designated for the School House.

A new schoolhouse is to be erected and in readiness for the beginning of the fall term. The first classes at the School House were the fall term of 1891. [BOL July 4 1891]

The 12 students and first teacher-Harrison Barrett were ready the fall of 1890 for classes but since the School House was not finished Library Hall was used for the first years classes.

The School House on Library Street was used until 1938. The State of New York was consolidating all country one-room schoolhouses into larger districts for better education. The School House was next utilized by the Community Club and used for Parties, Dinners and special occasions.

By 1995 interest was waning in the Community Club and the Lily Dale BOD designated the School House as the new home of the Lily Dale Historic Museum, which had outgrown the basement of the Marion Skidmore Library.

Today the Old School House remains the home of the Museum-the largest single display of Spiritualist memorabilia and research materials emphasizing the Religion of Spiritualism.

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