Western New York’s most unusual destination celebrates 135 years

LILY DALE, N.Y. (WKBW) – Lily Dale is a one of a kind destination that thousands of folks find their way to every year.


Sandy Eppinger grew up there and she comes back every year. She says, “It was the most fabulous place to live as a child.”

Some people visit Lilly Dale to communicate with their “dearly departed” through spirit mediums. Ron Nagy, town historian and curator of the museum, says that strange things sometimes happen here but he’s used to it now. He’s been a Lily Dale resident for 15 years.

In the museum, Ron says he’s seen objects move and even been “nudged” by one of his favorite, now deceased mediums. One of Ron’s talents is the ability to unconsciously bend spoons. He teaches a workshop on how to do it. The next one is coming up August 20.

Lily Dale is open daily and you can find out more about their day to programs at their website



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