Raymond Buckland 1934-2017

An Elder in our community has gone to the Summerlands. For those of you who do not Know, RAYMOND BUCKLAND was the man who brought Gardnerian Witchcraft to the new world from England in the 60s. He was apprenticed to Gerald Gardner, kindred back to Dorothy Clutterbuck… it tied him to the very foundations of modern practice quickenening his work with alignments to the likes of Crowley, Israel Regardie, the origins of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Be awed children! He brought to this new world his own BOS, Seax-Wica. When Daughters of Isis opened a staple on our shelves was his Complete Book of Witchcraft. He was and proved a loving allegiance to his Romany blooolines, the wanderer within him I do not doubt is enjoying wind in the face at probably over 90mph in a hot convertible somewhere in Summerlands joyously driving it down a road in glory = his new NOW. Ray was above all, a Kind Gentleman. And in humanity’s terms of living and being…. that is the finest accomplishment any Witch can achieve. Prolific author, teacher and founding curator of the American Museum of Witchcraft, Ray worked to bring Witchcraft to any who sincerely sought it as an expression of healing, achieving their goals and creating community. Be awed children. Be awed. Many might consider him the original American import of British spiritualism. Above and Below, whenever you dress a candle, charge the herbes, program a crystal, understand you do so with intimate threads of energetic awareness opened up by Ray… and today’s altar should be dedicated. Dearest brother Robat, feel our connection and know we shall hold you in our Traditions as long as long exists. The atheme, the chalice, the flame, the altar are for you today. A loaf of fresh bread, the season of salt tied to a bottle of rich red wine with a bright red ribbon I will imbibe this evening with you. Goddess blessed Ray. For all that he brought this time. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again.
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