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Slate writing, or psychography, is a means of spirit communication that started during the heyday of Spiritualism and continued into the middle 20th century. In Ron Nagy's newest book, Slate Writing; Invisible Intelligence, he explains what slate writings are and how they are done. This amazing book is filled with informative photos and the news articles based upon actual slate writings. Who were the most recognizable slate writing mediums and how were they able to perform so many writings under a great deal of pressure?

How were colors produced, as many as 33 on one slate, even though only white chalk was used? Did a spirit or hand appear between the slates and scratch out a message? Why did two framed slates have to be facing each other, and then bound tightly? Did the phenomena depend on the receptivity of the people watching? Was it more difficult during times of scientific testing?

Profusely illustrated with famous mediums, 6 x 9. quality softcover, 190 pages, Profusely illustrated. ISBN 978-1-931942-61-4

The perfect compliment to Precipitated Spirit Paintings, Slate Writing explores even more communication from spirit.

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ron smallAbout the Author: Ron Nagy's interest in communicating with the spirit world has gained him the honor of being considered one of the United States' leading authorities in his field. Born in Pheonixville, Pennsylvania, Ron later attended Western Kentucky University and went on to join the United States Air Force. Recently, he has been contributor to the National Spiritualist Summit and also serves as a walking tour guide for the Lily Dale Assembly. Previously published Precipitated Spirit Painting.