harry-houdiniThe ten-year anniversary séance of Houdini’s death was held on October 31, 1938 on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood California. Bess Houdini agreed to a final séance for a message or sign that Houdini could communicate from behind the veil of death.

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Harry Houdini the great showman and escape artist died under suspicious circumstances on October 31, 1926. Houdini had been an ardent opponent of spiritualism, mediums and the supernatural—Bess was just the opposite. Houdini and his beloved wife Bess had made a secret pact-a code. If he died first and was in spirit after death as the spiritualists claimed he would send her that message.

Some years before this Bess had sought out the well-known medium Arthur Ford to channel the message. Arthur Ford revealed the code through his spirit guide “Fletcher”. Mr. Ford did reveal the code but some years later she said she would not accept the message as genuine-she wanted to hear it through Houdini himself.

houdini-seance-170Three Hundred people were seated on bleachers on the rooftop of the hotel. The inner circle for the séance consisted of Mrs. Houdini, Dr. Edward Saint (medium), the Honorable Charles Fricke a Judge of the California High Court, 2 newspapermen, a President of the [AIPR] American Institute of Psychic Research, Hereward Carrington and Carol Fleming, the President of the Coast Association of Magicians and William W. Larsen Sr. publisher of a magazine devoted to conjurers.

Various items and paraphernalia common to Houdini’s life were placed on the séance table. Prayers and convocations were made and the séance lasted almost a half hour-no voice or message occurred. Although—it was a clear star lit night and a loud clap of thunder was heard and a streak of lightning that left everyone startled and uneasy. Was that Harry Houdini’s final method to prove his continued existence beyond the veil?

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